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Yogawear for the Lovers of the Earth

Designed by Yogis in Luxembourg & Made with Love in Portugal

Mahī is inspired by nature & born out of a deep respect for the

natural world & its inhabitants. 

We design locally sourced organic yoga clothing for the

mindful lovers of the Earth, to allow you to move & breathe

in a garment that supports your body,

your practice & your values. 

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Mahī is a Sanskrit word meaning the Earth, the land, the soil.

In the Hindu religion, Mahī is one of the many names of Bhumi the Hindu goddess that represents the Earth.

This name represents our vision of an Earth goddess, who lives deep inside each one of us and who embodies our spirit

& aspirations at Mahī. 

Mahī is wild & free, a cyclical being who is tuned into 

the rhythms of the Earth. 

She is a protector of the Earth. 

She embodies the wild, sacred feminine essence. 

She speaks to us through the beauty of the natural world,

the wind & the trees, the rising of the moon & the waves in the ocean. 

Mahī is gentle & wise, passionate & truth seeking, nurturing & infinite. 

She inspires women to rewild themselves, to reconnect with nature and to step into their truth that lies within. 

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« What I love about the design of Mahī is the extra high waist band and the crop top. 
There is nothing worse then your belly flopping over the leggings when doing yoga. 
I am not a skinny woman, never have been, so it's nice to have my belly covered. It makes me feel more confident when exercising in public. 
What I love about the crop top is it keeps my 'ladies' in place and when I do a downward dog I can 'see' instead of having a t-shirt skirting up to my face and completely covering my view! 
So yes best yoga wear design for a comfortable practice » 


Spring Beirer, 42

Holistic Coach & Artist, Yoga lover

« My yoga practice has not only changed my body over the years, but also affected my mind and my values.
Practicing with sustainable material has become as important as the practice itself.
I use Mahi pants since a few months and they are like a second skin during practice as the material has a soft, natural feel.
I can recommend them to any Body who wants to practice in harmony with nature » 

Nathalie, 39


« In love with Mahī yoga wear since the first try out. I highly recommend this brand for a daily indoor yoga practice or any other outdoor activity.
The organic and high quality eco-friendly fibres create a unique balance between support and breathability which allows me to wear them for intense yoga sessions and let me feel perfectly comfortable to rest in Savasana.
Last but not least I’d like to emphasize the distinctive colours, design and all the beautiful details of every single piece »  

Sara Caldarola, 35

Correctional Officer 

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