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Made to be Cherished, just like the Earth

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Mahī is based on ecological and holistic principals 

 prioritising community, values &

respect of all the people in the supply chain 


We are the co-founders of Mahī, Marie & Lorraine. 

We are dedicated yoga practitioners & teachers. 

We teach together at our home shala Ashtanga Yoga Luxembourg. 

We are a community of yoga and mindfulness practitioners, exploring the intersection of committed practice and social action

while deepening our respect and knowledge for a more

sustainable life.

"Our mission is to encourage yoga practicioners to wear their values"

One summer's day back in 2021, we were discussing our yoga wear choices and realised we were not satisfied with the cuts, fabrics & values of many of the yoga wear brands on the market.

So we had the idea to make our own. 


 We have both been practicing yoga for more than a decade and the yoga clothes we had were not appealing to us anymore - many of them are made from toxic plastic materials and developed in the fast fashion industry. 

We wanted to practice in clothes that were in line with our yoga practice, clothes that were created mindfully with care for the people and the planet & cut exactly the way we need for a comfortable & supported practice.

We immediately began intensive sewing classes in Luxembourg and by the end of the year we created our first samples. We made sure to include all the details we love to support our practice, an extra high waist-line and chest coverage, and of course a beautiful style.

Another important aspect for us, was to develop yoga wear that moves away from the sporty active wear look and brings the focus on an elegant look, that can be worn out and about as well as on the mat. 

Silk Rolls
Wood Panel

As we began to wear our creations while practicing and teaching,

our friends and students started to become curious.

So we decided to take our project to the next level.

We contacted the Fashion Revolution movement for some guidance, and they recommended us a partner in Portugal.

We took our samples to Portugal and Mahī was born.

Together we selected the softest natural fibres made from European wood pulp and the Jujube collection was finalised and brought to life. 

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